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Bennett staff has dubbed Fridays as “Fun Fridays!”

Bennett staff has dubbed Fridays as “Fun Fridays!”  Children and staff have the option to wear thematically based clothing for the fun of dressing up and show school spirit.  It is not a mandatory activity, but we certainly enjoy the spirit of being silly and adding to the celebratory spirit!

School Safety and Procedures

At Onteora, student and staff safety and well-being are always our top priority. We do our best to anticipate and prevent any incidents, however, when they do happen, we are committed to transparent, honest, and timely communication with our families. Select the headline for more Information.....

Fourth grade students create and filmed re-enactments of history

Fourth grade students researched marginalized populations from the American colonial era,  including people of color and women.  Then they wrote scripts, gathered props, learned how to use WeVideo and filmed these creative re-enactments of history.

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