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Sixth Grade Upcoming Field Trip Information

6th Grade Upcoming Field Trip Information

Important Notice:  Due to the size of the 6th grade, students will be visiting the museums and visitors’ center on two different days.  The following is information that is available through the website – search for 6th grade newsletters, dated January 10, 2019. 

Upcoming Field Trip: At the end of the month, the sixth graders will be traveling to Albany to visit two museums!  The Albany Institute of History & Art and The Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center & Henry Hudson Planetarium.  Permission slips were distributed earlier this week, and should be returned to school as soon as possible!

       Due to the size of our group, and the space limitations at both sites, students will be visiting on two separate dates.  One half of the sixth graders will be going on Thursday, January 24th.  The other half will be attending on Friday, January 25th.  Inclement weather, causing a delay or school-day cancellation will require us to use the planned snow dates – Thursday, January 31st and Friday, February 1st.

Personal Belongings on the field trip: Students are responsible for their personal belongings.  Pack light!  Everything that your child brings on the trip needs to stay with your child during the entire trip!  Having said that, “Yes, students may bring electronic devices,” however, we have specific stipulations:                                                                        

  • No cameras (most museums do not allow photos to be taken; several students do not have a “photo release form” on file;  we do not allow picture taking on the bus)      
  • Headphones for electronic devices are a must    
  • The school will not take responsibility for anything that is forgotten, broken, lost, or stolen. 

Important reminderThe trip requires an early morning drop off and late day pick-up!  Students should arrive at school between 8:00 & 8:15 a.m. – no later!  As soon as attendance is taken, we are heading for Albany!!  Please note that students will also need to be picked up, as they will not return in time to take the afternoon buses.  Our estimated return time is 4:00 p.m.

Money for the field trip: There is no need to send your child on this trip with money.  We will not be visiting a souvenir shop, and there are no facilities for purchasing food.

Food on the field trip: The State museums are “carry-in, carry-out” facilities.  Students are not to bring glass containers or food that needs to be reheated.  Again, there is no place to purchase food, so ensure that your child has breakfast before coming to school that day (students may or may not be able to eat on the buses – we have not received information from the bus company, yet).  If your child receives free or reduced lunch from school and would like a bagged lunch prepared for the trip, please have them alert their homeroom teacher no later than Tuesday, January 22nd

Students in Mrs. Barringer’s homeroom, Mrs. VanBaaren’s homeroom, Mr. White’s homeroom, and Ms. Mayone-Allison’s homeroom will be attending the field trip on Thursday, January 24th (two hour delay or school closing will push their trip to Thursday, January 31st).

Students in Ms. Bruck’s homeroom, Mr. Down’s homeroom, and Mr. LaMonda/Ms. Kuhne’s homeroom will be attending the field trip on Friday, January 25th (two-hour delay or school closing will push their trip to Friday, February 1st).



Welcome to Reading in 6th grade!
The purpose of this newsletter is to provide an overview of the reading program, which is slightly different from what has been expected of your child in the past.  Hopefully, this information will answer any, and every, question you may be asking your child about reading – the requirement and expectations that will lead him/her toward academic success, as well as foster a love of reading!
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Absence Policy

An absence excuse (written note, phone call, or email) is required by law for each day that a student is not present at school (legal or illegal).  Vacations, outside of those which have been designated in the official school calendar, are illegal absences.  It is district policy that homework assignments (for illegal absences) will not be provided, in advance.  Students are responsible for missed work, upon return.

Homework Policy

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