6th Grade Team

6th Grade Policies

Welcome to the sixth grade team!




An absence excuse (written note, phone call, or email) is required by law for each day that a student is not present at school (legal or illegal).  Vacations, outside of those which have been designated in the official school calendar, are illegal absences.  It is district policy that homework assignments (for illegal absences) will not be provided, in advance.  Students are responsible for missed work, upon return.  

Homework Policy

We believe in providing students with every opportunity to be pro-active in their education; therefore, homework is an integral component.  Homework is given for practice, review, and enrichment.  Students should allocate approximately 75 minutes (combined with what is completed in school) to review what was taught that day, complete their homework, and to read their independent silent reading books.

Three-days-a-week, class time is built into the 6th grade schedules for assisting students with organization, planning, and homework.  Teachers assist students in getting their work started. They also have the opportunity to visit the other 6th grade teachers if they have subject-specific questions regarding their assignments.  Student-support time is a scheduled activity that takes place in all of the 6th grade homerooms, simultaneously.  This provides an additional hour-per-week, for students to work on homework assignments with faculty support.

Students are responsible for completing their homework in a timely manner.  Students receive instructions on how to log on and monitor their grades and assignments through the Student Portal.  It is the student's responsibility to maintain up-to-date completion of assignments, using Student Portal as a reference.  Please be aware of the following policies:

  • Students are responsible for missed class information and/or homework.  (This is if the student(s) are absent for the day, or absent for any class.  For example:  absences due to music instruction, AIS supoprt, visits to the Nurse's Office, late arrivals and/or early departures from school).
  • Late work will have five points deducted for each late day.
  • If an assignment is a week late, the highest grade that can be earned is a 50%
  • Students will be required to complete delinquent work during recess time.
  • Students are responsible for the updating and keeping of their assignment tablets.  Assignments will be posted on each class assignment board, as per subject.  Parents are encouraged to check assignment tablets on a daily basis.  This will serve as a form of home/school communication in regards to work and upcoming tests, projects, and activities.

Supply List

Required (and available through school, but can be purchased on your own):

-- TWO Binders (one 1 1/2" & one 2") with subject dividers

-- 6 Composition Notebooks (marbelized, NOT spiral)

-- Folders with two-pockets (at least 5)

-- #2 Pencils (a HEFTY supply)

-- Post-it Notes

Required (but cannot be supplied by school):

--  Backpack

--  Pencil box/bag


-- A box of tissues (large enough to share)

-- Disinfectant wipes

-- Colored Pencils

-- Flash Drive 

-- Thin magic markers

-- Lined paper (with 3 holes for filing in binders) 

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