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Congratulations to the All County Bennett Elementary Instrumental Students!

On Saturday, January 5th, students from the Bennett Music Department auditioned in Kingston to be accepted into the All-County Band and Orchestra festivals. The Band festival takes place on March 8th and 9th at SUNY Ulster. The Orchestra Festival takes place on March 15th and 16th at Miller Middle School. This year, the following 18 students were accepted into the Elementary Band, and 16 students from Orchestra. These students were accepted based on their performance of three scales, solo, and short sight-reading the headline above for a list of students

Book Character Pumpkins  

Book Character Pumpkins  

Students were selected from each grade to create their favorite character from their favorite book on a pumpkin!  The students who were chosen have been participating and putting forth effort. Congratulations to these hard working students! the headline above for more


Bennett Elementary took the FarmOn Big Apple Crunch Challenge on Thursday, September 25! FarmOn! Foundation  

Bennett Student Handbook 2018-2019

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Bennett Elementary School, we wish to extend a warm welcome to all of our students. We are looking forward to an exciting and rewarding school year.

This handbook is intended to serve as a summary of our rules, procedures, and expectations and it is not meant to be all-inclusive. If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss them with any faculty member, staff, or administrator.

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